Buying Agent Services

specialised business process

What exactly do Indian buying agents do?

The job is more of a responsibility when money and time are at stake.

Jobs done within the five said headings. To make the experience memorable for you, making things simple is the key.

Buyer visit: During Indian fairs

Buying agents take care of every small to big thing

From setting the itinerary to accommodation, accompanying during fairs & shows, planning the sourcing & guidance, documentation and photo shoots, factory visits and much more.
Buying Agent India
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Sampling: A Critical process

Imagine liaising with multiple suppliers!

You have a single point of contact, no matter the number of suppliers.

Yes! That’s the beauty of keeping a buying agent in India.

Order Processing: Management is the key

Someone who knows the buyer & supplier inside out

The stage is demanding due to price negotiations, advance payments, inspections & quality control, timely dispatches and much more.

Buying Agent India
Indian Sourcing Agency

Shipping: Planning is pivotal

Oops! Missed the vessel cut-off

Yup! And that’s quite common unless a high level of planning is involved, especially when consolidations.

Feedback: For Improvements

Claims; no worries. Leave it to your buying agent to settle

Yup! You can imagine the relief when someone is here to deal with the problems & issues.