Appointing a buying agent?

Not necessary! Feel free to explore the Indian market the way you want.

However; appointing buying agents in India makes your journey memorable.

That makes a huge difference.

Sourcing Agent India
Indian Buying Agency

Trusting Indian Market?

Trust your approach. Correct actions leads to desired results.

People are friendly & professional, sometimes emotional.  Indian market is decentralized. Right business approach makes the difference.

Either spend time understanding the people & market or take help from Indian buying agents.

Services of Indian buying agents?​

They start right from when you land in India till you are selling.

Everything in between is taken care of.

Yes! That’s the beauty of the business process Indian buying agents handle.

Paying extra to Buying Agents in India?

Buying from India is a specialized process.

You will get a return on every penny spend, which you will certainly realize in your sourcing journey from India.

You can understand the handicrafts sourcing process or simply outsource.

Buying Agent India

Any contract needed?

No! But Services documented are always preferable.

A professional approach is to draft a formal contract between a buyer and a buying agent.

Terms are always standard & mutually agreed.

Handicraft Sourcing from Pan India

Working with a single buying agency is preferable.

Yes! And only if they are capable enough to handle the specialization required to source from Pan India.