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    Indian Buying Agents specialize in Product Design, Sourcing, Inspections, Quality Control and Production Consultation offering Indian Handicrafts.

  • Buying Agent Service
    Buying & Sourcing Agents in India has been providing buying services to Overseas Customers for Handicrafts in India since 2003.

  • Buying Agent Blog
    Indian Buying Agents Blog discussing various issues related to Buying from India. Read Blogs to get more information on Indian Socio-Economic Conditions, Role of a Buying Agent etc.

  • News Events
    InfinityV News and Events Section.

  • Case Studies
    Case studies of overseas customers. Case Study includes a Kids Shoe Customer from America, Cork Placemets & Coasters from PNG, Metal Handicrafts for Thailand, Hi-End Home Furnishings for KSA etc.

  • Indian Handicrafts Gallery
    Gallery of Indian Handicrafts Items such as Furniture, Home Furnishings, Jewellery, Indian Bags, Leather items and much more that InfinityV offers.

  • India Industry
    India is a land of diverse culture and traditions. The . The way people live, dress up, decorate their interiors, the eating habits is quite a different in different parts of the country.
    Here you can find a list of Indian Cities famous all over the world for different Handicrafts Items

  • Wholesale Stock
    InfinityV is offering Ready Stock available for Clearance at 40% Discount. Find out the items in the stock.

  • Sourcing
    InfinityV offers the following items for Sourcing from India. Directly go to the gallery Indian Handicrafts item you want. The List of all the Handicrafts from India:
bowl frame nepken ring photo frame helmate frame

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