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Moving from North to South and East to West in India, you will find the diversification of land. The way people live, dress up, decorate their interiors, the eating habits is quite a different in different parts of the country. All this shows diversity in the culture, traditions in India. Indian history has seen a lot many changes. From the ancient days to modern period, Indian culture has faced variations yet people grew taking their own culture and tradition along with them. This is what makes various Indian cities capable enough to export various exclusive articles.

Not only in Asia, but in the whole world different Indian cities are well-known for their monopoly on different products exported all over the World.

Some of the potential Indian cities famous for different export items are:

Aligarh City (Uttar Pradesh- North India)
Approx 200 Km from New Delhi:

Aligarh is a city in North India located about 90 miles South-East of Delhi, the capital of India. Aligarh is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of locks, hardware goods and brass fitting items. Aligarh is also famous for education. Aligarh Muslim University situated in the city has an international reputation.
Agra City (Uttar Pradesh- North India)
Approx 200 Km from New Delhi:

Agra undoubtedly famous for Taj Mahal (a famous building in Agra, it is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World). Agra is also well renowned for Leather goods (such as Men and Women Shoes) and also Marble Articles, Marble Table Tops
Udaipur City (Rajasthan-Central India)
Approx 600 km from New Delhi:

Udaipur located in the Central India, also known as the City of Lakes, is one of the favorite tourist’s destinations not only in Asia but world-wide.
Besides this, Udaipur is also famous for the exports of Royal Silver Coated Furniture.

Jodhpur City (Rajasthan-Central India)
Approx 600 km from New Delhi:

Jodhpur City in Rajasthan is a popular destination for tourists. Every year tourists from all over the world visit this place. Tourism is quite a pre-dominant industry in Jodhpur. But no ignoring the fact that furniture export industry in Jodhpur is employing lakhs of people directly or indirectly.
Jalandhar City (Punjab-Northwest India)
Approx 350 km from New Delhi
Jalandhar city is an agricultural land located between two important rivers Beas and Sutlej. Besides agricultural products, Jalandhar is famous for its sports goods industry.
MORADABAD - Art wares of Brass, Aluminum, Iron, Glass, Silver,
Pewter, copper, bronze, Beads, MOP etc.
JAIPUR Precious, Semi-precious Jewellery, Artificial Jewellery, Silver & Ethnic Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery,
SAMBHAL Horn & Bone, wooden Jewelley,
INDORE Diamond Jewellery
DELHI - Home Textiles like- Cushion Covers, Bed Covers, Pillows, Throws etc.
JODHPUR - Art wares and furniture in pinewood, Sesham, Mango
SAHARANPUR wood etc with natural polish, white antique etc.
PANIPAT - Rugs, Throws, Placemats, Carpets, Napkins, Doormats,
Bedcovers, Cushion covers etc -cotton, rayon etc.
KARUR - Power Loom textile
JAIPUR - Home Textiles, Floor Covering like Carpets & Rugs, Cubes others like
Marble stone paintings.

UDAIPUR - Paintings – Handmade paintings on silk, old paper with Gold work.
ALLEPEY - Carpets, rugs, mats in coir, jute etc
FEROZABAD - Glassware’s, beads etc.,
ALIGARH - Hardware’s of brass & iron.
KANPUR - Leather Items- Bags, shoes, uppers, office accessories etc.
AGRA - Handicrafts of stone in different material like Marble, Soap stone etc.
CALCUTTA - Disposable Items like cups, glasses, plates etc others like Silk items.

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