Major sourcing hubs in India


Major sourcing hubs/geographies for apparel, home textile and home furniture in India


Home Furniture

  1. Jaipur – big factories, timely deliveries, good quality, combination furniture as well, negotiable prices
  2. Jodhpur – good quality with higher price
  3. Saharanpur – lower price, working in half hazard manner, regular follow ups required, lack of planning in exporters here

Home Textiles

  1. New Delhi, Noida – Cotton textiles, Made-up & Home furnishings
  2. Calcutta – Silk
  3. Mumbai & South India – Raw Fabrics, Hosiery, cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts
  4. Jaipur – Cotton Bed cover, cotton pillows


  1. New Delhi – cotton & leather apparel
  2. South India – knitted garments Cotton/polyester/lycra/viscose like t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, pajama sets, sweat shirts
  3. Mumbai – Denim