Indian Buying Agent Product Capabilities


Product Capabilities – Infinityv:

  1. Product capabilities –
    1. Hard goods includes all metal handicrafts like brass art ware, aluminum, copper, iron, combination products like brass glass, iron glass, blown glass, cutlery, chafing dishes, EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver) products  etc
    2. Indian Furniture – we are dealing in different types of furniture from Jaipur, Jodhpur, saharnapur in sheesham woods, Mango wood, Acacia, etc, to name few of the furniture articles are Wooden Table, Wooden Storage Units, Wooden Painted Furniture, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Display Racks, Wooden Benches & Leather Seats, Wooden Chairs, dining table & chairs, beds, bedside tables, wine racks, chests, drawers, mirrors, stools etc. Below is the product wise classification of home furniture we are dealing in,
      1. Wooden furniture
      2. Iron furniture
      3. Painted furniture
      4. White finish furniture
      5. Silver Furniture
      6. Glass Chairs
      7. Furniture as per buyer requirement
      8. French Style Furniture
      9. Iron & Brass Furniture
      10. Aluminum Center Tables
      11. Antique Furniture
      12. Traditional Furniture
      13. Leather Furniture
    3. Home Furnishings & Textiles: we say this sector is very specialized as per the taste & liking of the customer which varies from country to country, for e.g. our Buyer and its customers in Middle east is having a ‘Rich Taste’ and they buy and sell home furnishings like curtains, bed sheets, pillows, bed covers, made of velvet, silk & velvet, Hi gloss fabrics with dark embroideries, whereas the French customer buys raw finish like plain cotton fabric bed sheet, solid colors on linens etc, on the other hand American customers try modern & new ideas like printing on silk, home furnishings in combination like silk and linen, cotton and polydupion etc. The range includes:
      1. Bedding collection – bed cover in king, queen, xl-king, single sizes, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cover, cushion cover, bolster, duvet cover, throws
      2. Terry Towels
      3. Curtains
      4. Carpets & Rugs, Bathmats
        1. Hand tuffed
        2. Hand woven
        3. Kids rugs
        4. Bath mats
        5. Leather rugs
        6. Hand tuffed textured
        7. Real leather rugs
        8. Bean bags
        9. Chanilles
        10. Multi color bathmats
        11. Natural fiber rugs & carpets
        12. Polypropylene rugs
        13. Polyster Rugs
        14. Wool jute kllim
        15. Hand made cotton Chinnel
        16. Jute rugs
        17. Leather shaggy rugs
        18. Loom Knotted
        19. Indo Tibetin
        20. Coir Rugs
      5. Kitchen textiles – includes table covers, aprons, table mats, hand gloves, napkins, tea-cozy, glass covers, etc
      6. Coir Products – coir mats and rugs
    4. Garden Decors & accessories – garden tools, fountains, wrought iron bugs, bird baths, bird house, garden weeder, stepping stones, watering canes, etc
    5. Ceramic – earthen ware, pottery, combination of ceramic & steel
    6. Concept Wooden articles –
      1. Cannons
      2. Kitty sofa
      3. Chocolate boxes
      4. Cutlery boxes
      5. Wine bottle boxes
      6. Raw range
    7. Jewelry – we deals in almost all types of indian jewelry in below classification:
      1. Fashion jewelry
      2. Precious jewelry
      3. Semi precious
      4. Horn, Bone, Shell jewelry
      5. Resin jewelry
      6. Ethnic jewelry
    8. Fashion Ladies Bags & Purse
      1. Leather bags
      2. Canvas bags
      3. Recycled paper bags
      4. Jute Bags
    9. Gifts & Accessories – we boast a vast range here, gifts of different types,
      1. Christmas gifts
      2. Traditional gifts
      3. Gifts for easter
      4. Dollar gifts etc
    10. Handmade Paintings – fine art paint with real gold & silver, painting on fabric, glass etc, award winning painters
    11. Apparels
      1. Leather trousers
      2. Leather Jackets
      3. Cotton T-shirt

Besides the above few declared lines we dealt with customers on some product lines for which we have scarcity of suppliers like

  1. Red clay & its products – this is the specialty of Far east
  2. kids watches – this is the specialty of China,
  3. soft shoes – again china,
  4. Color Printing on wood – this is the specialty of Thailand