Importance of an Agent in India

An Agent


A Buying and sourcing Agent is a person who takes complete care of your imports, so that you need not to panic for anything, be it sampling of the product at the initial stage to the despatch of your products to your place.


Problems faced by an Importer


When a person wants to get the products from a foreign land, he may face the following problems:


  • •  Who are the most capable vendors that can fulfil your needs
  • •  Vendor Profile Information
  • •  Settlement with the vendor on your terms and conditions, cost  analysis and so on
  • •  Quality Control
  • •  Shipment for the order dispatch


India as a place to export from


India is a treasure for handicrafts work.

 Indian Cities are well-known world wide for different handicrafts products.


Potential Indian Cities


 Moradabad is famous for artistic handicrafts of brass, aluminum, iron etc. Delhi is famous for home textiles like cushion covers, bed covers and so on.  Jaipur is well-known for the exotic jewellery. Similarly some other renowned places to shop for Indian handicrafts are  Ghaziabad, Punjab for Iron Wire Products, Udaipur for Handmade paintings on Silk, Saharanpur for exquisite Wooden Art wares, Bangalore for pure silk sarees, Bengal for Cotton formal Sarees- Tanter  Saree, Karnataka is famous for carvings and exquisitely beautiful decorative pieces made from sandalwood, Sanganer(Rajasthan) for printing on wood, Madras for zari goods,Narsapur(A.P. ) for lace and lace goods and the list goes on.


Thus India has good market over-seas for exporting the products.


 Importers from different countries prefer to import from India. So the role of the Agent in India is quite a crucial.




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