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Indian Handicrafts
Buying Agency Services – Sourcing, Inspection, Merchandising & More…

InfinityV - Being a reputed buying & Sourcing agent of Indian Handicrafts since 2003, our premium & specialize buying agency services include professional quality control, Exhaust inspection, Product Design & consultation of Indian Handicrafts to overseas customers. The company is independent from any manufacturing.

Our sourcing capabilities are in diverse range of products from India like pewter foil, kid’s watches, soft-shoes, red-clay products, Indian furniture, ceramics, metal handicrafts, Furniture, Jewellery, home furnishings, wooden articles, garments, leather shoes, fashion bags, handmade paper products, etc

Our first and foremost responsibility towards all our esteemed clients is to relieve them of all their worries related to all their business interests from India, all you need to do is to let us know the products you need, with your order quantities and target dates when you will need them in your warehouse, this is irrespective of where from the products are coming, how many vendors are producing them etc coz we will take care of the rest.

And of course the business is always transparent as you send all the payments directly to the vendors on their respective invoices.
This way you get more time in concentrating on the expansion of your business at your end rather than thinking of what is going on with all the orders

We believe in dealing in an open and honest manner with our clients and suppliers alike and we have established a very strong supply base in a number of cities in India. We visit our key suppliers on a regular basis and often have clients accompany us to get a firsthand experience of the suppliers with whom they are dealing with. 

Infinityv has been providing professional quality control services in India Since 2003. Our inspection services could serve you at different production stages, from the time you are choosing your supplier to the time when shipment takes place:

  1. Factory Audit
  2. Introductory Inspection Check
  3. Online Inspection Check
  4. Production Sample Submission
  5. Final Inspection Report (FIR)
  6. Container Loading Supervision at ICD (Inland Container Depots)
  7. Product Certification & Testing


We continued to develop our key personnel skills in Container amalgamation, language, global business to business ethics and multinational sourcing strategies. We are passionate about what we do and run our business with pride and desire to succeed on behalf of our clients.  Your business is our reputation.

We define our services in the below 3 headings:
1. Buyer Visit
2. Sampling
3. Order Processing

Buyer Visit

Our service starts right from the day, our esteemed foreign customers plans to visit ‘Exhibitions & Fairs’, we assist them in hotel bookings, complete follow-ups in the fair and arrangements of factory visits.

flowchart- Indian Buying Agents Services


One of the most important phase before any order and we work closely with the buyer as well as the manufacturer, we complete all the research and development work regarding the project at this point only and update our esteemed customers time to tome regarding the pros&cons involved Below is the flow chart which explains the overview for this service.

Handicrafts from India- Sampling Flowchart

Order Processing

We feel this phase is where very high level of responsibility is involved, for inspections we take complete ‘Inspection Guidelines’ from our customers, these guidelines includes details regarding minute points to check products, packaging of the products, labeling details etc. Orders are followed right from the start till dispatch from Inland container depots (ICD), considering ‘Miss-handlings’ at almost all the ICD’s in India, our merchandisers follow each stuffing’s themselves in case of consolidated shipments and most of the times pay extra money’s to the labor for better handling, this is how it works here…..below is the flowchart

Order Processing Flowchart- Indian Buying Agent
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